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new world


Nuhanse Network is the premier service provider in the innovative Zone consulting space. Our work helps developing areas optimize their economic development and social impact. We implement innovative policies that allow residents to experiment and create, negotiating with local governments on behalf of stakeholders.
As a full-service agency, Nuhanse Network takes pride in being a “one-stop-shop” for all Zone-related needs. Our experts are leaders in governance, policy, marketing, technology and anything else a new Zone needs to flourish.


Innovative Zones, sometimes known as Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are simply jurisdictions that operate independently of its “host” nation. Found all over the world, these Zones are known for their rapid economic and population growth thanks to trade-friendly policies.
Economically-depressed locales are quickly turning to innovative Zones as a solution to issues that negatively affect residents. They commonly adopt a “less is more” attitude, opting for trade-friendly regulations that attract new business to the area. Two of the world’s most wildly successful economies, Shenzhen and Singapore, became what they are today thanks to innovative Zone policies.

Progress, redefined

Zone development is a largely untapped field, with limited historical data beyond its success stories. Nuhanse Network is leading the way forward, compiling valuable research in tandem with active development.


Since our inception, Nuhanse Network has helped over a dozen independent Zones flourish worldwide. Our team hails from all backgrounds and industries, bringing with them over two decades of combined experience in governance and policy-making.
In late 2018, our team broke new ground by successfully proposing the first-ever practical innovative Zone development to be constructed within the United States.
Nuhanse Network calls on an international team of experts to coordinate efforts seamlessly for maximum efficiency. Unlike other bloated firms that do the bare minimum, we consistently exceed expectations by maintaining a lean corporate structure. Nuhanse Network is a full-service provider with the correct connections in the space — we can reach out to any service.
To ensure our data remains up-to-date at all times, Nuhanse Network maintains a partnership with the Startup Societies Foundation, a policy think-tank and the largest innovative Zone network in the world. The work we’ve done together has helped SSF establish itself as the foremost authority on innovative Zones — we’re proud to be part of that.