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Nuhanse Network empowers public and private organizations with tools that promote growth and prosperity.

A secured digital data system that allows users to retain full ownership over private data such as identifying documents and medical records.
Users enjoy industry-class encryption and an unprecedented amount of control over their own information, all stored on local servers. Entities at the governmental and enterprise levels are organized into lists, from which specific permissions may be assigned.
Parcels is a decentralized application that uses Nuhanse Network Quoband technology to reinvent fundraising.
The platform incorporates a smart contract system that features non-fungible tokens designed to represent physical property ownership. These tokens allow multiple stakeholders to invest in projects such as Special Economic Zones, real estate developments and infrastructure projects.
Quobands Whitepaper
The Zone Protocol allows for the effective registration of property within “Zones,” or areas within a legal jurisdiction.
Each zone is assigned an NFT to store and maintain data on any given property within its area. Unlike other Blockchain registries, the Zone Protocol allows for the responsible jurisdictional authority to control or modify the rules of property registration.
Zone protocol Whitepaper
Short for Corporate Registration and Electronic Securities Trading Technology, this unique system acts as an immutable business registry and security trading platform.
Built on a distributed ledger, CREST Tech will automatically mint securities for newly formed companies, allowing directors to enjoy a simple and transparent registration system. Registration documents, corporate bylaws and relevant investor data may also be listed in a permissioned non-fungible token.


To maintain our status as the world’s premier Zone development agency, the solutions we offer must be competitive. That’s why Nuhanse Network constantly looks for the latest technological innovations to implement for ourselves and our clients. If it’s new and bold, you can be sure we’re working on it.